Heavy Duty Sweat Suit Sauna Exercise Gym Suit Fitness Weight Loss with Hood


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This is a Super durable high quality sweat suit with and elasticated cuffs for optimum results. This suit has been designed to provide maximum durability and performance. A new stunning look and innovatively designed as Sweat Suit in the market.

Made of 100% Waterproof polyester Material
  • M : 38-40"(Chest) , 30-32"(Waist)
  • L : 40-42"(Chest) , 32-34"(Waist)
  • XL : 42-44"(Chest) , 34-36"(Waist)
  • 2XL: 44-48"(Chest) , 36-38"(Waist)
  • 3XL: 48-50"(Chest) , 38-40"(Waist)
  • 4XL: 50-52"(Chest) , 40-42"(Waist)
  • 5XL: 52-54"(Chest) , 42-44"(Waist)

Key Features:-
  • Sauna workout suits have been worn in different forms by boxers, wrestlers and many athletes for decades as they strove to reach their weight goals quickly. These workout suits have evolved from simple heavy polyester sweatsuits to gear made exclusively to promote sweating. They aren’t just for athletes anymore either as a sauna exercise suit can be worn around the house or yard while you do your chores.
Sweat Out Toxins and Waste

Most of the weight loss while exercising in sauna workout suits is water. Yes, it is quickly regained once you drink water again, but that’s expected. These sauna suits also keep your muscles warm as well as relieve minor aches and pains. But the main benefit comes from the healthy cleansing process when you sweat out toxins and waste from your body.

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